• Sheridans violin duet
  • Sheridans violin duet
  • Sheridans violin duet
  • Sheridans violin duet
  • Sheridans violin duet
  • Sheridans violin duet
  • Sheridans violin duet
  • Sheridans violin duet
  • Sheridans violin duet
Duet Sheridans
Sheridans violin duet

A young but has gained popularity viewers violin duo will be the best decoration for your event!

The geography of touring, the best concert halls of Moscow, speech to top officials of the States involved in major government concerts, shooting in the leading television channels - all this guarantees that the appearance of two adorable violin players will be greeted with a standing ovation and on your triumph!

Soloist duo - two charming violinist Svetlana and Taisa, blonde and brunette, angels and demons, ice and fire. They contrast in appearance, but very harmonious complement each other, creating a stage one indivisible whole.

Behind girls brilliant classical education (PAM them. Gnesinih and TSSHM at CIM them. Tchaikovsky), which allows them to avoid the technical and musical challenges, and provides an opportunity to demonstrate professional violin.

Choosing the musical material, violinist Taisa and Svetlana were not confined to any particular genre.

Violin duo "Sheridans": "We decided to create a diversified and variegated program because people like different music: some prefer jazz, someone listens to classical music in a modern twist, like a merry dance, the other - to dream or think that- the good, and so close to hear the forgotten melody of your favorite movie.

Besides, there are so many beautiful music, and we want some of it, as well as all of your feelings and emotions that we experience during a speech to share with the audience. "

Now violin duo repertoire program consisting of several different character blocks, a total of about 45 minutes.

Classic - includes popular classics to modern arrangements of Moscow's best arrangers

Dance - known dance tunes Latino, as well as the slow lyrical songs from popular movies and musicals

Jazz - jazz standards in a new interpretation of violinists "Sheridans"

Club - club mixes style commercial house, melodic and catchy

People - this is the highlight elektroskripachek! Here there are the most favorite Russian, Ukrainian, Jewish folk music in an exclusive and very unusual treatments!

On the basis of this program, the number of blocks, as well as their sequence can be arbitrary. At the big rich program of events, perhaps a violin duet performance by individual bright rooms in a concert.

Each unit is accompanied by a new musical change costumes, which were designed and sewn by professional designers, given the nature and flow of a certain musical material.

Almost every musical number accompanied by violinists staged choreography, created in tandem with the famous talented choreographer.

In addition, Taisa and Svetlana are actively singing, so soon they will be played violin with the voice.

What attracts listeners, as well as organizers of events in the duet "Sheridans"?

Production quality, variety of musical material, vibrant concert costumes, dynamic performance, and visual appeal of girls and their amazing energy - these are the main ingredients of success and relevance of violin duet "Sheridans"!

Duet "Sheridans": "We commend the team all the time and effort. Our every day is written by the minute, we are constantly searching for: "How to surprise the viewer that the new offer discerning and sophisticated audience?" Music is our life and our soul. And we hope that our creativity will resonate in the hearts of many people!